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Multicast with Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm and Multicast In one of my projects I had to use Docker Swarm instead of Kubernetes, as the operations department dictated it (mostly because it looked like less work for them). As the project uses Hazelcast IMDG for some caching and some locks, I needed to find a Hazelcast discovery strategy that fitted…
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Continuous Integration using Gitlab CI with Docker Most people I know prefer Github or a private server for hosting their private git repositories. Nothing wrong with that, everyone has their own workflow. I’ve been using Gitlab for a few years now, privately hosted. A few months ago, my Gitlab server had some problems after upgrading to a newer version. I needed…
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Spring Boot Applications in Docker

As a beginner with Spring Boot, “dockerizing” a new application can look like a quite complicated task. In fact it is quite simple, using the right tools. Dockerizing means nothing more than the putting your existing app, like a REST backend based on Spring Boot, into a docker image. This post should not just be…
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