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Spring Boot Applications in Docker

As a beginner with Spring Boot, “dockerizing” a new application can look like a quite complicated task. In fact it is quite simple, using the right tools. Dockerizing means nothing more than the putting your existing app, like a REST backend based on Spring Boot, into a docker image. This post should not just be…
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Snack Vending over TCP – or how Spring Integration saved the day

Recently I got a new project, create a REST backend to process sales data from snack vending machines. Set up Spring Boot, create some controller, database connector, little admin web interface, Spring Security, done. Sound easy enough, right? Wrong…at least in this story.

Spring Profiles – why you’ll love them

In the good old days, when you were writing your first few lines of code (and probably used PHP) you probably hardcoded any configuration strings right in to the code. After you wrote your first working version you might wanted to deploy that ugly bastard onto some server, but you had to change any config…
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REST services with Spring – getting the client locale

When building a REST backend, you often need to know what language the user is using. This is why the HTTP/1.1 standard (section 14.4) defines the Accept-Language header. Most HTTP clients (web browsers at least) set this header to the language the user has set as his system language.