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REST services with Spring – getting the client locale

When building a REST backend, you often need to know what language the user is using. This is why the HTTP/1.1 standard (section 14.4) defines the Accept-Language header. Most HTTP clients (web browsers at least) set this header to the language the user has set as his system language.

Amazon Alexa – Part 1, Intents and Utterances

In this post I’ll discuss what Intents are, how Intent, Custom Slots and Sample Utterances are related and how you can easily configure your own. Note that this post only brushes the topics below, but it should be enough for you to get the samples running.

Amazon Alexa – Part 0, The Basics

In November 2014 Amazon annouced its Amazon Echo, and along with it Alexa. According to David Limp, the Amazon senior vice president who oversees Alexa and all of its Amazon devices, the goal of Alexa was inspired by the computer voice and conversational system on board the starship Enterprise in science fiction TV series and…
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Creating self-signed certificates for Java Keystore

I recently came across a project that required to use HTTPS on the backend side and I wanted to have HTTPS in the DEV environment. Most people would ask “Why the hell would you use TLS for local tests?” – well, I just want to handle HTTPS problems as soon as possible during development.

Amazon Alexa – Part 2, the backend

In this post I’ll discuss the requirements for an Alexa backend and how it handles Intents.